FelonyPk - Donate

Although one of the main objectives of an 'RSPS' is to have everything free, we will always need some restrictions.

These restrictions help support the economy and also help support the monthly fees of FelonyPk. (including a $200/m Dedicated server, and other fees)With every purchase, the individual user will receive exclusive access to a specific entity.

Once a payment has been made, there are NO refunds. Please allow up to 24 hours after purchase for item delivery. By purchasing you agree to our T.O.S guidelines and every rule set forth on this page.

Donators who perform a "chargeback" without contacting Felony or High105 first will result in expulsion from FelonyPk, and your personal information including 'name,location,ip address,and contact information' will be posted publicly on our website, and on popular "watchlist" forums.

Donation Options

Item Image Item Value
Image Regular Donator $5.00
Image Extreme donator $15.00
Image Super Extreme Donator $25.00
Image Supreme Donator - x2 PkP & x2 dung xp per kill $45.00
Image Trusted $50.00
Image Max Cash (In Items) $15.00

Paying Options

Speed Service Value Buy Now
Instant Paypal Thanks for your further interest in donating, to pay via paypal account/ credit card checkout please click the button.

Speed Varies - Dependant if Felony or High105 is online. ) Thanks for your further interest in donating, to pay via PayGol(Mobile/SMS) please choose your product and click the button.